Cleaning Tips

        Need to clean the mouse or the computer?  Thanks to Harry Morel for bringing this to our attention.  He writes, "You can google how to clean an Apple-mouse scroll ball. A young man in Germany videoed himself disassembling the mouse and hand cleaned the ball and its contacts. Others did similar things. The following procedure is as simple as it gets.
        TIP: How to clean an Apple-mouse scroll ball with minimum effort.
1. Get a shallow bowl. Put the mouse in it upside down so the scroll ball is in the deep end of the pool. Weigh it down to counteract the cord.
2. Pour in enough 91% isopropyl alcohol so you think it submerges the scroll ball (you can’t see the scroll ball, so you have to estimate).
3. Let it soak overnight.
4. Left the mouse out keeping it upside down, and slap it against a thick towel until no more evidence of alcohol remains.
5. Let it dry out some more. Then use it. (You can place a vacuum cleaner hose around the scroll ball – keeping it upside down – and turn it on. It only takes seconds to dry the inside of the mouse.)"
        For info from Apple on cleaning your mouse and computer read this short article, heeding the cautions.  Note the link to a QuickTime movie demonstration.