Short URLs

        Just what we need to know about URL shorteners.  Jim Hamm sends us this info, "TinyURL,, and others, are convenient to use when passing on a long URL to someone. What, though, if you get a shortened URL from someone you don't know? There is a way to check out where the link actually goes before you click it. Copy the shortened URL and paste it into the address bar. For tinyUrl insert 'preview' right after the //.
         "For example: here is a 'shortened' link: Where does it go? Paste it into the address bar as follows: If you click it, it will tell you it is taking you to the PMUG website. I know, I know: the 'shortened' URL link in my example is actually longer than the actual PMUG URL, but you get the idea.
        "If you're using, just add a + sign at the end of the URL after you paste in into the address bar.
         "Just a tip to help you find out where those shortened URLs might be taking you."