5 Ways to Use an iPad for Photography

It boils down to this:
   1. Editing On-the-Go
   2. Client Viewing
   3. Accepting Payments
   4. Handy Tools
   5. Marketing
 Here’s the full article at DigitalPhotographSchool
"5 Ways for Photographers to use an iPad to Jumpstart their Business."
        "You’ve been waiting for a good reason, now go out and buy an iPad!" John Carter exclaims.
        "By the way, the iPad camera connection kit (shown in the lower right corner of the image above) contains two adapters. One lets you connect a mini-USB cable directly to the iPad from the camera and the other lets you insert an SD card directly to the iPad. This is a very handy kit to have even for your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch. And of course you’ll also want the HDMI connector to connect your HD video camera directly to the iPad (or iPhone 4 or iPod Touch) or to connect your iPad (or iPhone 4 or iPod Touch) directly to your HD TV.
        "With so many connectors to do so many things with, let’s hope that Apple comes out with an iPad that has the ports built in so you won’t need all those gadgets."