It's Coming! It's Coming!

          You can tell John Carter is excited.  See all the exclamation points!  (Thanks, John.)
        "The ReRAM is coming!"   (Yep! The British have announced it.)
        "As early as 2013 you should be seeing a new type of non-volatile (retains data without power) random access memory called ReRAM (Resistance Random Access Memory). Initially developed by HP in 2008 as a Memristor (Memory Resistor), it has now been perfected by the Japanese as the ReRAM (with speeds comparable to DRAM). This device is going to replace every hard drive, flash drive, and solid state drive. The beauty of the ReRAM is that it will serve as both the memory of a computer and the hard drive of the computer — and this means only one device instead of two and no more transferring bits from a hard drive to memory. That boils down to a much faster computer, even faster than having an SSD installed in your computer!"