You ARE Backing Up, Right?

Just like a mother, I am smiling while I am reminding you.  Call it nagging, yes?  

Others have said it, you’ve made a commitment to yourself to do it.  So? You are backing up? Time Machine gave me an unexpected notification this week.  I’d never seen such a message before.  And it didn’t explain !  (Click on the screen shot to enlarge it.) 

        Nothing that came to mind to solve this new puzzle.  What did it mean?  The Time Machine message box did not identify which files it could not copy. There was nothing I had done recently to mess with the settings. But clicking on the tiny icon at the top of the screen showed the last back up to be last night at 8:30 pm.  What had I done then? Has some mean old hacker messed with my dear, trustworthy computer?   Taking a break to make lunch, the back of my mind was busily reconstructing the various websites I’d viewed, the changes I’d made on some recent writing, even the emails I’d received.  Finally, an idea.   I’ve been working on a new project to convert some of my stories and poems into an e-book.  I’d never done it before.  And, as of today it’s not yet complete.   On the e-book formatting following the guidelines:  I’d gotten down to Saving as Filtered HTML.  I clicked to let Microsoft Word 2011 do that job.  A folder was created, and looking at that folder’s content pages didn’t look familiar at all.   Oh, well.  Surely it knows what it’s doing.  But it was HTML.  Could that be what is “read-only” that my Time Machine could not back up? Bravely, I dragged my e-book writing folder to a thumb drive.  Bravely, I then dragged the original folder on the desktop to Trash  Now, I shut down the computer with a prayer that I hadn’t messed up. Within minutes, I started up the computer again and saw that the FreeAgent Drive sitting behind the computer screen WAS lit up, like it’s supposed to be. I gave it a little time to …..hopefully  Now, what does the little icon at the top of the screen say?  YES  It had backed up.  It was behaving  Stuff was saved.  There are 261 entries for How To  listed here at the PMUG newsblog and 13 are under the heading of Back Up, and they date from 9-10-09 to 2-24-13.   Scan through and see which device and which system you have.  Find what applies to your setup.  You’ll remember that CDs and DVDs can degrade over time and might get scratched. What kind of backup would save your valuable data?   You give it some thought. Then, back it up with a smile.

Might Consider Doing an E-book?

Reading a book on an iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc will become a popular thing.  An e-book can be free, at a low price, or varying prices.  You can claim all rights so that the reader cannot share it.  On Amazon publishing is free, and you can specify the price you want.  You could get 35% royalty or you could set it up to get 70% royalty.  You’d read all the legal disclaimers to protect your writing.     Even if you do not envision writing a best-seller for which film makers would offer you a handsome price you could write something that your family and friends would be interested in reading. I’ve not found where it tells how long your e-book will be available to prospective readers.  I need to do the submit and review process before the deal will be finalized.  (There’s more to learn ! )           Here are several helpful sites to research: 

Here’s a publishing guide on-line that is free, the book is $5.99 paperback. 

Other Interesting Info 

Here’s an acronym list:  astronomy, atmospheric research, business, chatting, chemistry, medical, NASA, SCUBA diving, government, army official and slang, and more.

What Are You Doing, These Days?

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