Where's the Book?

        John Carter sends us the following info.  "People are asking, 'What is the best book for learning about OS X Yosemite?'

        "The sad news is that I haven’t found one printed book on this subject - yet. There are several e-books available on Amazon (start here), but they are all Kindle editions (readable with iBook on the Mac, and iBook comes with Yosemite if you don’t already have it) and not a paper edition (it’s not surprising that they are Kindle books on Amazon), so it’s still something only in digital format. 
        "No one seems to be printing user guides anymore. There are two online videos for purchase at a very reasonable price. One is from MacMost.com and one is from NoteBoomProductions.com.
        "The good news is that if you buy an e-book, you can read it on your iPhone or your iPod Touch or your iPad — or your Android smart phone or tablet. That allows you to tinker on the computer while you read about it on your mobile device."
        And John pronounces this as the bottom line:  get used to not finding printed books about computers.