What's Happening to Skype?

If you're a user of Skype you'll want to keep informed. De Prez Allen Laudenslager alerts us:

VoIP provider Skype is in serious jeopardy, eBay warned in a regulatory filing this week, saying its future depends on a court battle over rights to the company's core components and its own software-development efforts to replace the technology. The issue derives from a claim by Joltid, a company owned by the founders of Skype, that eBay has infringed on its patents after revoking the company's license. New York Times, (07/30) from SmartBrief.com/news/ Enter "Skype" in the search box.

A longer article at http://www.techdirt.com (scroll down to Skype Founders) goes into more detail.

Allen says, “eBay bought Skype but only licenses the core technology that makes it work. Now eBay and Skype are in court (in England) over the licensing issues. Without the core tech, eBay will have to close down Skype - a real loss for those of us that use it - and write off the 2.6 BILLION they paid for it." He concludes, “There are an estimated 40 million active users.”