More People Prefer Mac

Interesting commentary on PCs and Mac. De Prez Allen Laudenslager tells us he found this on the Daring Fireball blog

"Microsoft has lost all but a sliver of this entire market. People who love computers overwhelmingly prefer to use a Mac today. Microsoft’s core problem is that they have lost the hearts of computer enthusiasts. Regular people don’t think about their choice of computer platform in detail and with passion like nerds do because, duh, they are not nerds. But nerds are leading indicators.

"This is true in many markets with broad appeal, not just computers. Microsoft is looking ever more so like the digital equivalent of General Motors. Car enthusiasts lost interest in GM’s cars long before regular people did; the same is happening with Windows."

P.S. from Elaine. If you, like me, have trouble reading white print on a dark colored background remember you can toggle to white background and dark letters by doing the combination of Control + Option + Command + 8. When you're done, do it again to toggle back to normal.