What Happened to "Read More"?

        This is the latest on http://pmugnews.blogspot.com/  -- yes, this blog.  Apparently, on April 23 Blogspot made changes to their procedures and an aggravation has surfaced here.  When you subscribe via RSS, clicking on the upper right hand side of the top bar, you'd be notified via your own email program when something new was posted here.  About 4 lines would give the opening of the article, and then came those helpful words, "Read More."  Clicking there took you immediately to this website and you could read the whole article and see the whole newsletter.
        Now the "Read More" is missing.  Until the solution is found I will start each new posted article with this http://pmugnews.blogspot.com/ in the first line, so you can click on that and go straight to the whole blog.  That's the idea.....now to see if it works for you!