What Difference Does IPv6 Make?

        This info from Jim Hamm arrived on June 5!  Aaaaaaak. Today is June 9.  It was overlooked in a barrage of other emails.  Now, let's get informed.
        Jim wrote, "Tomorrow IPv6 will be launching worldwide.  Here are two articles providing further information on what this means to you and me.  Odds are, we won't notice a difference in connecting with the internet."  Look here and look here.
        IPv6 means Internet Protocol version 6 which is to be a "big improvement over the prevailing IPv4 version."  Need to know more?  Enter IPv6 in the Search CNET box of the article above.  Up comes a listing of 190 news articles and photos.
        So what happened on June 6?  This IT Business Edge blog states that "security is going to change quite a bit.  In some ways it will be more secure, in others more challenging." Read for details of the change and how it affects the world.  Do a Google search for IPv6 and choose from the news articles listed there to keep informed.  (Thanks again, Jim, for your eagle-eye.)