Remembering Those First Macs

         Prompted by Jim Hamm’s memories of that “first Mac” Don and I reminisced, too.  I found some papers in my file, dated 12-16-84, our first Mac, a 128K, only $1,695.00.  Of course, we needed Image Writer, surge suppressor, diskettes, numeric key pad, computer cover and ribbon, so that brought the price up to $2,953.37.  

        Macintosh was my brother Ed’s recommendation, and he went on to become head of the high school math department, computer whiz, teacher at the community college, and on-line instructor, as well.  By 1986 Don and I upgraded to 512, then to the SE, Centris, PowerMac, and on to G-4 and G-5.  Amazing to us, how slender — yet full of memory — our MacBookPro is now.  It's been fun, learning and using Macintosh computers.