What About Flash?

       Here's some helpful food for thought from Jim Hamm.  "You may be aware that Apple is not too fond of Adobe's Flash Player. Steve Jobs once referred to Flash as a 'bag of hurt.' It is an older technology and has been subject to virus infections due to weak security in its design. There are still some websites that require Flash Player ( Pandora, I'm looking at you). So, if you want or need to use Flash in Safari, here is an article that clearly shows how to install Flash on your Mac.
        "If you do install Flash for Safari, the author recommends you keep automatic updates on so security in the Flash Player is always up to date. He also suggests not to click an update notice that may pop up in your browser. Instead, go directly to Adobe's website and download  from there. https://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/
        "You may note in the comments that some people, instead of installing Flash for Safari, prefer to just switch over to the Chrome browser for a time on those websites that
require Flash, Chrome has Flash already installed, and 'sandboxed,' which makes
it safer for you to use," Jim concludes.