What About Adobe?

        Hearing several PMUG members talking about Adobe Reader we needed clarification. John Carter stepped up to the bat, writing, "I am very much in agreement that Adobe Reader is not essential for accessing PDF files. Preview does what I need it to do. However, I am keeping my copy of Adobe Reader around because it does have features that are not available in Preview that I sometimes use. That said, I have set the default app for PDF files to Preview. It comes up quicker and displays better. I have the preferences set as follows:  

and the view options." 

        A search on Google brought up this trusted site:    http://download.cnet.com/Adobe-Reader/3000-10743_4-10000060.html   Their editors in August 2012 rated it as “spectacular,"  while average user rating was 2 ½ out of 5 stars.  Version 11.0.01 was added 1-08-13, and it’s free. 
        Any other input from PMUG members? Let us know what works for you. . .