We Have a Winner; He Likes the Prize

Our own Jim Hamm is a winner!  Let him tell us in his own words, "Take a look at the last entry under the competition winners: it's 'moi'!...A couple of days ago I sent in an entry for the MacTricksAndTips contest and won a free Radium Radio Player. The price of the player, after a free trial, is $16. I was able to download a free player for both my Macs. When Radium is opened, a small icon appears on the Menu Bar in Safari--not the Dock. The radio works quite well and comes preloaded with thousands of radio stations from around the world. I listened yesterday to Celtic music from Ireland and the feed was quite satisfactory. I'll try more stations today.

"One small problem encountered: my Menu Bar in Safari is too full of icons on my MacBook Air to permit the icon for Radium to appear. I'll have to see if there are any I want to remove. When Radium is opened the icon appears on the Menu Bar on Finder. Not a big deal because I don't switch stations all that often. Radium seems to be a simple, but effective, radio player. Not a lot of fancy controls, etc., and only takes about 30MB in memory when it is running.

"If you're looking for an internet-streaming radio station, you might give Radium a 30-day free trial. Here's the post for the original competition."