New to Mac from PC?

"If you're new to the Mac and just came from the Windows world, you are likely to miss using some of the applications that you used in Windows," so begins John Carter.  He continues, " Never fear, help is near.

"There are (at least) three applications that let you run a Windows application right alongside the Mac. (With Boot Camp, you have to reboot the Mac as Windows to run a Windows application.) These are VirtualBox (free), VMWare Fusion ($79), and Parallels Desktop for Mac ($79). Of these, both VMWare and Parallels makes running Windows applications look like a Mac application.

"There is a quiet war between VMWare and Parallels regarding which one is faster and better and easier to use. VirtualBox is not in the same league with either of these (yet), so not much attention has been given to comparing the performance of VirtualBox with the other two.

"The latest performance test of VMWare and Parallels is out. The bottom line is that Parallels got the thumbs up in most of the tests, so much so that Parallels gets the nod overall. You can read all about it here."