Walmart App Saves You Money

        Jim Hamm gets our attention with "If you occasionally shop at Wally World, a blogger wrote the the following about an app that is available. It might be worth checking out."  
        "If you shop at Walmart you might want to check out their Savings Catcher Program.  Just download the Walmart app for your phone and then use it to scan your Walmart receipts.  There is a QR code at the bottom of every Walmart receipt that looks like this:  

        "Just use the Walmart app to scan the code and then WM will compare what you paid to prices at other stores in the area.  If they find a lower price, they credit you with the difference.  
        "So far in the last several months, we've gotten a little over $17 back.  You can collect it by printing out an e-card at home and then use it at the checkout.  So, check it out."