Today's Apple Event News

        In Cupertino this morning a crowd heard and saw the very latest.  FoxNews reports, "With a new version of the Macintosh operating system called Lion, a super slim new MacBook Air, and updates to the iLife application suite, Apple CEO Steve Jobs hit the stage with a flourish at an October 20 press event."
        ComputerWorld tells us, "MacBook Air will not have a hard drive, but is going with flash memory. It will be 80% smaller, two times faster, and more reliable -- and like an iPad will turn on instantly."  The price drops under $1,000.
        Take a look at these ten large photos of the 11-inch MacBook Air from ArsTechnica.  And don't hold your breath for Lion, it's due out in Summer 2011.
        See streaming video of the event. Read about the iLife '11, a major upgrade to iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand.
        Adding to our information this Saturday (10-23)   Jim Hamm sends us the link to SmallDog newsletter 694 with articles on the 11" MacBook Air,  Lion 10.7,  iMovie '11,  the Mac App Store,  iPhoto '11, and GarageBand '11.