FaceTime for Video Chat

        Mac users can video chat with iPhone 4 and iPod Touch -- as well as with other Macs-- by using FaceTime.  Bringing this to our attention David Passell writes, "The ZDNet report on Lion included the following gem:
        'Finally, Apple added Mac support for FaceTime, which you’ll remember is the company’s Wi-Fi-only videochat application.
        'That means Mac users can videochat with iPhone 4 and iPod touch users, as well as other Macs. The program automatically uses Address Book contacts, but oddly operates distinctly from the OS X’s own iChat program.
        'The application is downloadable now for Snow Leopard users or higher.'
        David explains the outcome, "I downloaded it (link above) and it appeared as Face Time.dmg (14.1mb). I installed it, but there were no hints on how to use it. All I was able to see was a feed from my device to convert Analog video to computer viewable (sorry about the sloppy terminology)."
        However, this just in:  ZDNet article warns, "FaceTime for Mac beta exposes iTunes account information."