Setting Up a New Mac

        Setting up a new Mac for someone? Jim Hamm has found some good info:  "Here’s what David Allison did for his son’s new Mac before he went off to school. These tips could be useful for anyone setting up a new Mac. Of course, this is just David’s opinion on the apps he likes. You may have other favorites as well.'s+Blog)
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        Jim goes on to explain, "You’ll note I provided three links to the same website. The first one is too long, for my liking, so I normally shorten a long link using TinyUrl ( That’s the second URL above. But, I thought I’d try another method of shortening a long URL, just for the heck of it. You can do it right in Mail. Open up a new message. Then, copy the long URL address into the Clipboard. In Mail do a Cmd + K. Paste the long URL into the dialog box. Then click OK. The long URL will appear in the new message. Click after the first letter (h) in the URL and type something like "Click Here”. Then delete all other letters in the long URL, including the first “h”. You’ll then see the third short URL as shown above.
        "Yes, this is a bit of extra work, but it goes quickly once you do it a few times. And, it looks a bit fancy with that extra touch to make your email look nice. Admittedly, not a 'biggie.' but fun to do."