Save Money on Ink and Refurbished Printer

Ink for that printer can be expensive, as David Passell reports here. "I was going broke paying $51.00 every two months or so for new ink cartridges for my Canon MP 470 printer. Think4Inc has Brother 1960C Refurbished printers for $89.00 (with tax it comes to $97.00). It uses separate ink tanks for each color and, according to Think4Inc's comparative rating, costs pennies per ML of ink used, as against dollars for the Canon. The ink comes in four cartridge tanks: black, yellow, magenta, and cyan.

"I bought one and have set it up. There is a free driver for Snow Leopard at which I downloaded. It didn't set up quite like the instructions said (what else is new), but I have it working and it is quite good for printing tasks. It prints/copies cleanly in color or black.

"In addition to being a printer, it is also a sheet feed copier, and is a FAX receive/transmit unit. I've never done Faxing, but I guess I can learn. For now I have the automatic receive function shut down.

"It comes with a 5.8 gb wireless telephone/speakerphone/intercom handset which I now have working nicely. It also contains an answering machine. In all, it looks like a good purchase.

"Paper is loaded into a print tray and will hold up to 100 sheets of 20# paper. It prints 4x6, letter, A4, and legal. To make a copy of anything from 4x6 up you just drop the original into a slot. I think it will copy/fax a stack of originals.

"It has a lot of functions that are selectable via a menu and an LCD screen.

"Jeff said he bought a pallet of them. If anyone is looking for a general purpose machine like this, check it out.

"I will use my MP470 mainly for when I need a flat bed scanner, or to scan things into my computer (which isn't often)."