A Ping Test

Internet connection running slow?  David Passell alerts us to a test you can perform to determine the quality of your current broadband Internet connection.

First, he describes the problem, "Currently my ISP, commspeed, is having difficulty with their system which is resulting in slow download speeds and some other problems like video clips not running smoothly. I checked the speed to verify that, and also called their technician who acknowledged the difficulty and said it would be fixed shortly. I get my link from Badger (P) Mountain, but it gets a link from Mingus Mountain where the trouble lies.

"In addition to the speed test there is another test that you can perform. I'm not sure it is limited to commspeed; anybody may be able to use it. You will find it here.

"When you select a server and run the test, you will get a result (hopefully not quite) like this. Double click to enlarge these illustration.

Now, more from David.  "So as not to make commspeed seem like such a bad guy, here is the same test this morning.  Not outstanding but usable." 

"I also ran a speed test and got a more typical result."