Report on Jim's Speech

        Could have titled this, "Jim Hams It Up," but with second thoughts a new title was chosen.  A Previous Prez,  Jim Hamm spoke at a computer club meeting in Phoenix.  Here's his report:

       "Hi . . . Here's a mug shot of me at the Great Wall restaurant yesterday in Phoenix. A group (nine) of us — including Zee and son-in-law Scott —  from the meeting were eating lunch after I had given a presentation on WiFi at a computer club meeting. A friend was wearing the hat I have on. I said I liked his hat and he said to try it on. I did, and he took my picture. I'm gonna order a couple of these hats today from Haband. The hat is light-weight and comfortable to wear. He made me give his hat back. Darn!

        "The WiFi presentation seemed to go well. I wasn't booed off stage, and I managed to dodge the few tomatoes that were thrown. I asked Zee if she was going to the meeting with me because she wanted to hear my presentation. She said no — but she sure liked going to lunch at the Great Wall afterwards. She said she'd suffer through my presentation because she knew there was a reward afterwards. . . (grin). . .   
        "The Great Wall — at 35th Avenue and Camelback — is a real Chinese restaurant. All the help is Chinese, the papers in the lobby are in Chinese, and most of the patrons were Chinese — except for a table of us 'Gringoes.' The food is very good. One of the people from the club is Chinese and he orders the food for all of us. Dishes are brought out family-style and set on a Lazy Susan. Both Zee and I especially like the 'Lemon Fish' — but all the food is great. Yum! A real surprise at the end of the meal. Normally the bill is divided among attendees and we all pay our share. For some reason, Walt — the Chinese fellow — picked up the tab for all of us. Very nice of him to do so. Walt is 80 and fun to chat with. 
        Here Jim winds it up in his own style, "This particular computer club is a Senior SIG (Special Interest Group) and most of us — son-in-law excepted — are, ahem, of the more advanced vintage...(grin). . . I was surprised to see Scott walk into the meeting — young fellow that he is. I didn't ask him if he was there because of my talk or because of lunch afterwards at the Great Wall. Some things are better left unasked."