Look Inside the MacBook Pro

        "No doubt you've been wanting to look inside the new MacBook Pro just released by Apple.  Here is a step-by-step tear-down by iFixit."  It's Jim Hamm speaking here, knowing how curious we are about those innards.
        Jim goes on to say, "Couple of things come to my mind after looking at the pictures.  First, it is a very complex device to design and build. Just look at all the components that could go wrong, but usually don't.
        "Next, Apple isn't designing product to be easily repaired.  Component parts are not easy to get to, remove, or replace.  Is this a good or bad strategy for the consumer?  That's up for debate, but it is another step in furthering Apple's closed-loop system.  They design the hardware, software, approve all apps, and now pretty much want you to bring Macs only back to Apple for repair.  There's obviously good and bad aspects to this strategy.  But that discussion is for another day.
        "In the meantime, marvel at the new offering from Apple," Jim grins.