Re: Are You Monsoon-Ready?

I have all my electronic equipment (computers, stereos, TVs) on Tripp-Lite Omni1000LCD UPS systems (this model may not be available anymore). I bought them all from Costco (around $99 each). They have served me well through three Monsoon seasons without a problem and I never bother turning anything off unless the power is out for more than a few minutes. Each unit has four uninterrupted outlets and four surge-conditioned outlets. I noticed that the Tripp-Lite UPS is what Smith Audio installs for all entertainment systems.

Consider this: if you really want to upgrade your computer, leave it powered on and plugged in to a UPS. Most UPS systems have some kind of insurance policy against loss of equipment during a lightning strike. If the UPS fails to protect your computer, you get a new computer - for free! ;-)

John C.