More on Monsoon-Ready

Thanks to Art Gorski for the following info:
At my home Mary Ann and I have separate offices, a home theater setup in the living room, and a central wiring closet.

Both offices and the closet use CyberPower 895 3600 Joule surge suppressors. I picked this brand for the very high protection rating. Besides protecting computers and peripherals in the offices, it also protects my cablemodem (the incoming cable goes through the CyberPower), Apple base station router, and a ReadyNAS server that I use centrally for all backups. If I used a Qwest phone line (I use ViaTalk internet phone instead), it would also be protected.

For the home theater, I selected a CyberPower 1030HT 6000 Joule surge suppressor optimized for this application.

I'm not particularly worried about a power failure actually hurting anything, so I wasn't interested in a UPS solution, but we have had serious issues with lightning damage in our neighborhood. Hence, the heavy duty surge suppressors.