Problem Solving & Learning More

        Three articles caught Jim Hamm's attention, and each deserve at least a quick look.  Even if you're not particularly interested in the topic, it might be interesting to note the links on these sites. The first two are from MakeUseOf, and it has links to How To & Tips, Cheats & Guides, Geeky Fun. The third is from the latest Macworld that shows links to What's Hot, Reviews, How-To and Creative.
        "If you were a Mobile Me user, you might have additional storage on iCloud. Take a look at this.
        "Here's an article describing the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web. For most of us, we probably don't care about the difference, we just appreciate that it all works.
        "If  you've upgraded to iOS 6 and are experiencing some problems, here's an article with some tips that might help."