Photography: Apps, Edits, Files

        Of special interest to photographers,  John Carter describes his up-coming presentations.  "My take on presentations that teach people how to use a computer are about apps that are simple and do things that they are interested in. 
        "How to download images from a camera, make simple edits, and email the photos seems to be high on the list. 
        "To accomplish that, one needs to fully understand the hierarchy of the computer, where the photos are saved, and how to attach or retrieve a photo using any given email client whether it be Outlook, Thunderbird, or Microsoft Mail, or whether it be Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, or Google Mail on the Internet. They need tips on using photo editors and photo browsers — the kind they have on their computer or that they can get for free.

        Here John shares some practical and personal examples,  "I recently went on vacation to Texas and Missouri followed by a short trip to Las Vegas. Lots of photos. Getting these organized in albums with keywords and descriptions is critical to finding them quickly out of the more than 7,000 photos I have (it's a small batch, I know). Learning how to do that was easy for me, but is daunting to many others.
        "The format of the image as created by the camera and how any given photo browser or photo editor app deals with them is very useful information."
        And here's what you've been waiting to hear:  John announces, "With that in mind, I'll prepare such a presentation for the September 28 Joint PCS/PMUG meeting. I already do this for my regular Mac Digital Photo SIG that I host on the first Friday morning of every month, and Phil Ball of the PCS club does a lot of this in his monthly Digital Photo SIG (usually the second Saturday from 1-3 PM), which I think any of the PMUG members would also enjoy."