Organizing Mail Before Forwarding or Replying

Here David Passell outlines a technique for organizing mail, using the Thread feature in Mail.

1. Under View drop down check 'Organize by Thread.'Also click on From, To, Subject, Date Received (either latest last--arrow down, or latest first--arrow up) as desired

2.  Highlight all the Email messages in a thread. (or other subject of interest)

3  Do a copy (CMD-C)

4.  Open a New Message in Email

5.  Do a paste (CMD-V) of what is copied.

6.  On the message, do a SAVE, then CLOSE. I am asked if I want to save as a draft, and I say yes.

7.  Find it in Drafts, open it, and do desired editing. (suggest removing all the header except sender and recipient, and all the footer text. Also remove the duplicates of previous messages.

8.  Enter - To: desired recipient (can be yourself), any Cc: or Bcc: Subject:

9.  Send the message.