No Signal, Dead iPad

        A question about wifi antenna and software for an iPad was raised by Harry Morel.  Jim Hamm got right on it, and he passes along the information to us.
        "I use the Wi-Fire antenna occasionally on my Mac when I'm traveling and the wifi signal is weak. It helps to boost or capture more of the signal so your Mac can access the internet. And yes, your Mac will have a built-in wifi card to pick up the signal.
        "You can do a Google search on how to turn on internet sharing on a Mac. Here's one link to look at. Here's another one. As I understand it the Mac must be connected to the internet by ethernet, then it can share its connection via wifi to another device, such as another Mac or the iPad.
        "I've not used this internet sharing concept, so I won't be covering it in my iPad presentation. Perhaps someone else on this email distribution list might have some suggestions on internet sharing on a Mac.
        "Here's another option to consider if you're traveling: if your iPad has 3G capability, and you're in a 3G area (not Prescott), and you don't have wifi available, and you're willing to spend $25, you can buy 3G from your carrier for a month. Then you can turn it off at the end of the month so you won't be billed another $25. The minimum time period is one month. Not the most desirable option, but if you need to have an internet connection while you're away from home, this is available.
        "If you're talking about wifi in your house and your iPad won't connect to the signal, perhaps the signal is weak. You can check the signal strength by holding the option key on your Mac and clicking the wifi icon to see what the RSSI is. Down below is a meter to help you understand the results. If your signal is very weak, then you need to boost it.
          "Here is another diagnostic tool to check both the wifi signal strength and noise level. If your wifi signal is good in your house and the noise level low, and your iPad won't connect to it, then perhaps there is something wrong with the iPad. It is covered by a one-year warranty from Apple, so a visit to an Apple store might be in order," and as always, Jim signs off with a grin.  (Click to enlarge the screen shot.)