mSecure Password Manager

Here is a tip for possible consideration and FYI. As I've mentioned previously, I use the app, mSecure (, to securely store my passwords. Whenever I add or make three changes to mSecure it asks if I'd like to send an encrypted email to myself of all my passwords so I'd have another record of these changes. Of course I do this.

What I didn't think about doing previously was saving this encrypted password file to my Dropbox account, and I just did it. Now, I've saved my passwords to the 'cloud' as well as storing them in my mSecure app -- which is on my iPhone, iPad and Mac. If my Dropbox account should ever get hacked, no one could get into my password file as it is securely encrypted, and would self-destruct after three failed password tries.

Yes, I realize this is really a "belt and suspenders" approach to password security. But it's free and easy to do, so why not do it?

Jim Hamm