Dropbox Security

I have commented previously about how much I use and appreciate the convenience of using Dropbox to store documents and easily sync between devices. And I've also mentioned that I don't store any sensitive data there, such as passwords. But this brings up the question: how secure is Dropbox? Read the following two articles and a short video: http://tiptopsecurity.com/is-dropbox-safe-to-use-how-dropbox-works-to-secure-your-files-online/



The video discusses using an encryption app -- such as BoxCryptor (https://www.boxcryptor.com/en/boxcryptor) -- to encrypt one's passwords or sensitive data before sending it to the 'cloud'. Here's another approach I'm going to use: I already have an encrypted file of my passwords from my mSecure app. I'll just send a copy of this file to my Dropbox account for storage. Let's say, as an example, that my Dropbox account gets hacked, or Dropbox gets a court order to open my account. This they would do, but Dropbox doesn't have access to my mSecure file so it couldn't be opened by Dropbox or the hacker or the government.

If you should have an encrypted file from another Password Managers, I should think this would work, also. Easy to do, and yet another way to use the 'cloud' securely.

Jim Hamm