Mountain Lion Upgrade Notes

        "Well, there's more," John Carter begins.  (Of course, with  200+ features!) OK, John: you're on! 

        "The Address Book is quite a bit different. More controls to change the appearance. One control places the group list in a column on the far left next to the address list. What's still missing is a column of A-Z tabs to quickly go to a section of the address book like there is in the iPad Contacts.
        "A Reminders App, list like the one in the iPad, is now in OS 10.8. Well, not exactly like it. OS X 10.8 has a few controls that iOS 5.1 doesn't have, like displaying a small monthly calendar in the left column.
        "TextEdit also has the two new buttons (iCloud and On My Mac) in the upper left of the Open window.
        "Stickies still exists, but now there is Notes. These are the same notes that you have in the iPhone and iPad. But looks a bit different.
        "The Open window for QuickTime doesn't have the two new buttons.
        "I still prefer MPEGStreamclip over QuickTime. QuickTime still chokes on .wmv files that MPEGStreamclip has no problem with. And the latest Flip4Mac release didn't help QuickTime at all – because it wouldn't install. With great difficulty I ejected the Flip4Mac installer and then had to restart my computer to get Mail to work again. Clue: don't install the 3.0 Beta for Flip4Mac."
        No sooner had John signed off, "No time for more. I'll continue this at a later time" – than he thought of more!
        "News flash!
        "X11 is not included with Mountain Lion. If you had X11 installed for use with Crossover, Crossover will not run. Attempting to run X11 forces you to an Apple website informing you that X11 is no longer supported.
        "Apple is now using XQuartz instead of X11, but XQuartz will not work with Crossover.
        "Crossover is not yet available for Mountain Lion. So, if you depend on a Windows application running under Crossover, do not upgrade to Mountain Lion until Codeweavers has created a Mountain Lion update.
        "If you have other apps that depend on X11, check to see if it has a Mountain Lion compatible version."  And with this John does sign off — for now.