More on Easier to Read

In addition to CMD-+ and CMD - to enlarge screen, there is another way which can be used. David Passell walks us through the process:  "The Firefox Browser has a way to change the appearance of a web site.  (Double click to enlarge these illustrations.)

1. Go to system preferences.

2. Select Universal Access and the Seeing tab

3. Turn Zoom ON

4. Click on Options and set up similarly to below. You can experiment with other settings. If you are going to do this select 'Show Universal Access....' so you you can quickly return to the preference to make changes.

If you are using a Mouse with a scroll wheel, you will see keys to press while you scroll. NOTE: for an unknown reason OPT (or ALT) and CMD seems to be my default; and I cannot change it. (CMD and Shift also has worked on occasion.)

After you do this you will find you can hold down the keys and as you turn the scroll wheel the image will zoom out. Release the wheel and it stays zoomed and you can move around the enlarged screen to parts no longer visible.

Hold down the keys and scroll the other way until the getting-smaller stops. Then you are back to normal viewing.

IF YOU ENCOUNTER ONE OF THOSE WEB SITES WITH STRANGE COLORS AND TEXT COMBINATIONS AND ARE USING THE FIREFOX BROWSERS (e.g. Black text on red, purple on blue, etc.) you can get rid of these quirks with Firefox menu selection: View > Page Style. then change from Basic Page Style to No Style.

As an example our Newsletter normally looks like this in Basic Page Style:

After changing to no style, it looks like this:

The Opera browser has a similar selection which is titled Author Mode (= Basic Page Style) and User Mode (= No Style).

 I haven't been able to find any equivalent selections in Safari. Does anyone else know if such exists?"