More on Chrome & Passwords

        Here's more from Jim Hamm on Chrome and Passwords adding to what was posted here below.  "Recently I wrote how Chrome stores passwords entered via the browser in plain text, even without asking if you want them stored or not. As a follow-up, here is an article that explains how this was known some years ago and yet Chrome has become a very popular browser.  

        "Unfortunately, I didn't realize this and have entered passwords in Chrome and, yes, they're stored there in plain text. Google has clearly stated they have no intention of changing this policy, or even alerting users that Chrome does this." 
        So, Jim, what to do?   "Of course, you could discontinue using Chrome. However, I like Chrome and plan to occasionally keep using it, but will no longer use it when I need to log in to a secure website with a password. I'll use another browser. 
        "Also, I will go into Chrome and delete all the passwords stored there. Do this by entering  chrome://settings/passwords in the browser."