More About Emmett

New PMUG Member Emmett Buell held a book-signing Saturday (8-23) at Barnes & Noble. CSPAN was there to shoot video which should air on Book TV in a few days. Watch for it on TV listings.

Emmett is a political science professional, and his book is Attack Politics: Negativity in Presidential Campaigns since 1960.

Dan Simpson had helped him last summer to email his book manuscript drafts with his portable Mac from Prescott Public Library, before he had officially become a PMUG Member or Prescott resident! Bob Hale fills us in on some details:

Of special interest to PMUG is how he effectively used his Mac remotely in writing and editing his manuscript, despite his traveling and arranging for his Prescott relocation from Ohio. (He's also an avid hiker and outdoorsman, which was a key reason for his move to Prescott upon his recent retirement from Dennison University. He joined PMUG last July at Dan and Erica's Summer BBQ at their home.)

Watch for Dan and Erica’s Spotlighter feature on Emmett to come a little later.

View Emmett's book at

Thanks to Sue and Bob Hale for the photo.