Make Your Own WiFi Hotspot

Here's a short video from CNET on how to turn your Mac or PC into a WiFi hotspot. Jim Hamm explains, "This can be useful if, say, you're traveling and in a hotel room with one ethernet connection and two computers. Instead of arguing as to who gets the ethernet first, just remember this tip. This has happened several times to Zee and I (not the arguing, just the circumstance. She gets the ethernet first......) I sure could have used this tip then.

"I also wonder if this wouldn't be a convenient way to transfer documents from one computer to another? For example, I occasionally want to move a document--say, an email or picture--from one of my Macs to the other. What I've been doing is just emailing it to myself. I don't subscribe to MobileMe, and I haven't tried Google Docs or DropBox yet either. This just might work."