Mac Fonts

"Ever wondered what your Mac fonts would look like when they're viewed with different system and browser combinations?" John Carter asks.  Then he passes along some suggestions:  "Check out the list of common fonts to (almost) all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents here, then scroll down on that page to see the contributions by others that show images of what the fonts look like on different platforms and browsers. This proves that what you see is not always what others get.

John discovered that Courier New Regular and Courier New Bold were not installed on his Mac, so he had to scrounge around for them. If you need those fonts (Tax Cut requires them), send John a message and he'll fix you up.

"Check out what fonts you have with the application 'Font Book.' You'll even see a sample of what the font looks like. There's a chance that you have duplicate fonts or corrupt fonts on your Mac that you don't know about. Use Font Book to run a validation on all your fonts, find and disable the duplicates, find and delete the corrupt fonts. You may need to replace the corrupt fonts if you can find a source for them (maybe on your installation disc).

"Fonts are installed in three places on the Mac: /System/Library/Fonts, /Library/Fonts, and ~/Library/Fonts (the ~ represents your home folder). Your home path location is for fonts that are unique to you (not seen by other logins on the Mac); this is where duplicate fonts might be found."