Mac Email Tip

        Want to make your emails look neater, more professional for your recipient?  John Carter explains a quick, nifty procedure which works for Snow Leopard, not Tiger or Leopard:
       "If you find a website that you want to share with someone, the best way to send the URL is to embed the URL as a link in some part of the body of the message. For instance, let’s say you just looked at the YouTube video Two Dogs Dining. Great for a laugh! What follows are instructions for embedding a link in an e-mail message using Apple Mail to create a really clean looking message.
        1. Copy the link of the website from the address bar in the browser.
        2. Open a new message in Apple Mail (the postage stamp in the Dock).
        3. In your own words in the body of the new message, tell your friend what it is you want them to look at. Something like this: “Hi. I just saw a great YouTube video called Two Dogs Dining. What a great laugh I had. Click here to see it for yourself.”
        4. Now, double click the word “here” to highlight it.
        5. Press Command-K on your keyboard. A window will pop up.

        6. Paste (Command-V) the link you copied from the browser address bar:

        7. In this case, the link wasn’t all that long, but it could have wrapped around that window three times.
        8. Now click OK. The word “here” will now have the link embedded in it and it will look like this:
Click here to see it for yourself.
        And if you click on the word “here” in the line above, it will take you to the YouTube video Two Dogs Dining.
        If you attempt to embed a link in a plain text message, you will get a prompt asking if you want to convert the message to RTF or leave it as plain text. You cannot embed a link in a plain text message."