A Reminder to Be Careful

        A warning of a trojan comes from Jim Hamm.  The Mac blog he subscribes to sent this, ""Today the Black Hat Trojan infected a Mac OS X server at a company that I work with in Washington, D.C. The company has about 65 Macs at this location.  The Trojan came in via an unknown attachment to an email message and then infected 15 Macs that had been asleep during the night.  When employees arrived for were five were tricked by the Trojan into keying in their Admin password at which point the entire HD was wiped clean including OS and the Trojan itself."
          Jim adds, "Along the same vein are comments on a backdoor trojan from this website." And Jim concludes, "No great cause for alarm, just something to be aware of. From further reading on the blog, one should be careful if all of a sudden you're asked to enter your admin password -- especially when, at that point in time, it isn't normal for you to do so."