Let's Look at Safari

What's new in Safari : 

Describes SmartSearch Field, Tab View, iCloud Tabs, Sharing, More New Features such as better privacy, offline reading list, developer features and improvements for Chinese Users.  What is Safari : http://www.apple.com/safari/what-is.html 
Describes HTML5 and CSS3 for integrated audio and video tags, animations, special effects, filters.  Scroll half-way down the page to View demos that illustrate the capabilities of HTML5 and web standards.  
Describes the “worry-free web.”  Privacy pane, protection against cross-site scripting, phishing, and malware attacks.  Gives EV (Extended Validation) Certificate support.  
Features : http://www.apple.com/safari/features.html  describes 250+ innovative features available.  It’s a 17 page long list that explains these features.  
The Safari Extensions Galleryhttps://extensions.apple.com    
Safari Extensions are a great way for you to add new features to Safari. Built by developers, Safari Extensions use the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript web technologies. And they’re digitally signed for improved security. You can install extensions with one click — no need to restart Safari.
  1. Categories
  2. Most Popular
  3. Most Recent
  4. Bookmarking
  5. Developer
  6. Email
  7. Entertainment
  8. News
  9. Photos
  10. Productivity
  11. RSS Tools
  12. Search Tools
  13. Security
  14. Shopping
  15. Social Networking
  16. Translation
  17. Twitter Tools
  18. URL Shorteners
  19. Other
Take a look at some of these possibilities:  
AdBlock, Social Fixer for Facebook fixes,  Exposer, Facebook Photo Zoom, 1-click weather for Safari from the Weather Channel,  Gmail Counter, Awesome Screenshot, clea.nr Videos for YouTube, Facebook Cleaner, ClickToFlash, Turn off the Lights, Translate, My eBay Manager, New York Times Updates, YouTube Wide, Duplicate Tab Button, Reload Button, WIT (know which websites you can trust with the Web of Trust WOT),  Ultimate Status Bar “which embiggens shortened URLs,”  SafariRestore,  Add to Amazon Wish List, Firebug Lite for Safari, Cloudy.
Interesting:  under Most Recent you can click to install Coupons at Checkout which you click the code to apply to your favorite retail websites from e-commerce websites across US, UK, Canada, and Australia 
Under Email:  Enlocked gives mail encryption on all your devices and works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL and Microsoft Live
Under Mail you can get toolbar extension The Moscow Times and get recent and top English-language news from Russia.  Others:  breaking news from New York Times, Fox News Ticker. 
Under Other:  you can choose to install HelveticaTheWorld which allows you to make Helvetica the primary font on every web page.  
Want to develop your own extensions?  Click to join Safari Developer Program
Here’s the official notification to consider before adding Extensions: 
Extensions can modify the appearance and behavior of Safari, and access your private information at websites. Apple is providing links to these extensions as a courtesy, and makes no representations regarding the extensions or any information related thereto. When you download and install an extension, the file is delivered by the developer, not by Apple. Some of the extensions listed here may require payment to the developer for use of the extension; this transaction is between the user and the developer. Any questions, complaints, claims, or support requests regarding an extension must be directed to the appropriate software developer.  

        On the Safari menu bar go to File > Share.  You can choose to email this page, message, Twitter, or Facebook.  Go to Safari Help and note the categories there for additional ways to use Safari.          In Help note some useful tips:  have you used Reader?  You can print an article without all the ads in the sidebars.  Do you bookmark and then organize those bookmarks.  Read about this under Help, too.  

        Have you used any of the Safari features and extensions? Improvements can be both challenging and rewarding.  Want to share ideas with PMUG?  Write me at editor@pmug.us  
         Learning with Mac is fun!  And productive!    
This was today's handout at PMUG,  9-21-13 by Elaine Hardt