Java Fix Doesn't Work (Updated 8-31)

  We start out with the latest warning on Java, received at 3:20 pm Friday, 8-31.  Jim Hamm brings us up to date.  (Then read the rest of this for the background of this huge issue.)         "Now this is amazing. A few hours after Oracle issued a patch for the security flaw in Java, another exploit has been found. This has been forwarded to Oracle, but since Oracle never comments on these security breaches they didn't say anything. It doesn't appear the hackers have found this opening yet, but after they read this article, they'll probably start trying.          "Although our risk of hacking might be small, I think it's best to disable Java. I did so a long time ago and haven't missed it yet."         You saw this here on 8-27.   Here's a warning from Jim Hamm,  "If you've still got Java enabled in your browser, now's a good time to disable it. Another vulnerability with Java has surfaced. Take a read on this. In Safari, Java can be disabled in Preferences > Security > uncheck enable Java."         With another notice of a potential malware risk from Java 7 Jim sends this link  The last paragraph in the article states, "Mac owners can disable the Java plug-in from within their browsers, or remove Java 7 from their machines. To do the latter, select 'Go to Folder' from the Finder's 'Go' menu, enter '/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/' and drag the file '1.7.0.jdk' into the Trash."         Here's a quick test to see if Java is disabled in your browser, from our eagle-eyed Jim Hamm.  He tells us,  "Just click here and if the box comes up empty, you're okay — Java is disabled."         And, Jim sends the latest:  "Here's an article describing how Oracle knew about the Java vulnerability to a malware attack since early April. And, moving right along at a snail's pace, Oracle doesn't plan a fix till October. Given Oracle's slow response to acknowledging and fixing malware attacks, it's a wonder any developer use Java at all."         We were surprised to see a fix announced here this afternoon, (Thursday, August 30).  Keep us informed on the latest and we'll pass the word along!  !           A hot topic: this just out an hour ago, (8-31)  and recommends you turn Java off or delete it.