Installing Yosemite, Continued

         Jim Hamm's done it, too.  He tells us,  "I just upgraded to Yosemite and it took a loooong time to download -- something like 12-14 hours! First time it ever took this long to do an upgrade. I guess Apple's servers were overloaded and slow. I just let it crank all night and finished the install this morning. 

        Here John Carter steps in with his comment, "It didn't take that long for me.  I upgraded four computers.  Each one took less than an hour.  But then, I have SSD on all my computers."
        Well, Jim has more to say,  "My first impressions: it's as though someone took a paintbrush and went over all the icons and colors and made a slight adjustment in tone, color and looks. I didn't look and say "wow! this looks great." Nor did I say Yuck! It's OK as far as I'm concerned. There are some significant improvements over Mavericks, which I'm sure I'll experience and appreciate as I further use this new version of OS X.
        And John interrupts with this, "My first impression was, “Retro!” Meaning that the design looks like they went back to the 40’s and 50’s for the simplest appearance. Must be a lot of old people doing the design work. "
       Summarizing his impression Jim Hamm concludes with, "Should you upgrade to Yosemite? Here is an article that explains nicely whether the upgrade is right for you, and details some of the improvements. Definitely worth a read."
       Thanks to these two "early birds" for getting Yosemite and doing a quick report for the rest of us!