Important Argosy News

        David Passell has been having some problems with his Mini.  He's found a fix!  David informs us, "Tony Baltera took in my Mini with the erratic superdrive yesterday and immediately ordered a new one from Apple under my Apple Care warranty that expires Dec. 25. He stated that they do not carry Apple products in stock since outlets like Best Buy can carry a wide selection.
        "HOWEVER: AND THIS IS IMPORTANT TO MAC OWNERS IN THIS AREA. He is an Authorized Apple Repair Center and he is concentrating on this function. He can order Apple products for you though. I did not find this out from BB who told me to contact Apple and have out-of-date info on Argosy.
        "A opinion from me: Contrary to the bragging you hear sometimes, avoidance of local (or any) sales taxes is probably the worst reason to buy from a website (and it is technically illegal if you don't declare the purchase). Remember 'the citizen cares for his/her community; the consumer only cares for his/her wallet.')."
        Update, 12-21.  David writes, "I got my Mini back with a new superdrive yesterday.  It appears to work fine."