How to Synchronize Keychain on Mavericks

        John Carter's been at it again:  figuring it out and then showing us.  Here's his information on how to deal with keychain on Mavericks:  
        Setting up the Keychain Access to share between devices got to be a bit of a chore today.  I had to go online to resolve a serious problem.

        A prompt popped up asking me for the keychain 'Local Items' password, and then it wouldn’t accept anything I put in.
        The solution is (found online here) :
        Your login.keychain password is out of sync with the new iCloud keychain and needs to be re-sync'd.
         The new iCloud keychain is either called "Local items" if you don't have 
syncing enabled or "iCloud" if you enabled iCloud keychain sync.

  1. Open 'Keychain Access' Application
  2. Select the 'login' keychain from the keychains list
  3. Click the lock at the top to lock the login keychain
  4. Click the lock again to unlock the login keychain
5. After entering your login keychain password you should be presented with a dialog: 
6. Clicking the reset button will re-sync your login.keychain password with the iCloud keychain password.
If everything from the above fails for whatever reason the last resort you can do the following:
  1. Open terminal
  2. cd ~/Library/Keychains
  3. ls  
    1. When you 'ls' here you will see a folder that contains a bunch of random number liks so:
    2. 94ED610F-DD96-4ECF-A2BC-7D2F8651A464  (this number is unique on each system)
  4. rm -rf 94ED610F-DD96-4ECF-A2BC-7D2F8651A464
  5. Reboot 
  6.  and  when you log back in everything should be back to normal.    And that's it.  # # # 

Thanks, John for your expertise!