How to Find Your Answer

        Compliments are due to our webmaster John Carter who also teaches those free SIGs.  (What a lot of spare time he has, you must be thinking.)  But today John informs us that he's had an "awakening"  —there are a lot of answers we can find for ourselves on Google!
        Doing a Google search is something we each learn by trial and error.  But John's examples can help us get the picture.  He sends the following:
Q: How are you sending screen shots in your mac?
Google search: mac screen capture
Tip: Taking Screenshots in Mac OS X - Mac Guides

Q: I’m having trouble understanding the Mac file system.
Google search: mac file system
Tip: Mac OS X File Systems (don’t go here unless you want to be tortured with geek stuff)

But I’m sure you meant how to navigate through the directory structure.
Google search: mac directory structure
Tip: Mac OS X Directory Structure explained
        So, next time you see John give him an understanding nod.  He is a patient guy, but he does want us to learn!