How to Configure Safari

          Here's something that might be helpful.  John Carter sends us this: 

How do you configure Safari to have a specific search engine as the default?
        Start by clearing any text the Address Bar. Then click on the spotlight.
A menu pops up. Then click on the search engine you want to be default:  
To specify the default search engine in Firefox, click on the spotlight in the Search Bar:  

Then click on Change Search Engine Settings. A whole new window opens with many options to choose from.
        Toolbar is the name of the top portion of any application. It usually contains icons of functions. Here is the Toolbar of Safari:
Here is the Toolbar of Firefox:
Based on that alone, Safari leaves a tiny bit more space for a website than Firefox does.
        Notice that the Tab Bar in Safari is below the Favorites Bar. With Firefox, it is above the Address Bar. The position of the Tab Bar is configurable. When looking at a single page, the Tab Bar can be hidden.
        With Firefox, you add many more rows of stuff in the Toolbar (additional search engines and toolbars) and that takes away even more space from a web page. So don’t add additional search engines or toolbars. And if you have them, remove them. You only need the default.
        Bookmarks are only found in a browser (or in iBooks, but that’s a totally different kind).
There are two types of bookmarks. In the Toolbar, you’ll find your Favorites just under the Address Bar. That’s a list of bookmarks for quick reference (without having to open the full list). The other type of bookmarks is the full list. For Safari, you click on the  symbol in the Toolbar, then click on the
symbol in the sidebar:
It's different for FirefoxClick on the 
symbol in the Toolbar to access the Bookmarks.
        There are some websites that you will have to use Firefox to make it display properly, so if something doesn’t work with Safari, try Firefox.
        For more tips on how to use Safari, I recommend the NoteBoom tutorials here.   #