Help Is On the Way for CableOne Users

        Perplexed about the news of CableOne email?  John Carter to the rescue.  He is offering a special workshop for Mac members and guests who are currently accessing their CableOne email using Mac Mail.

        John announces, "You may be aware that on October 1, CableOne will switch from using their current email service to Gmail. This will require that anyone using a local email program such as Mac Mail to download email and send new email to modify their Mail preferences to recognize the new Gmail service.

        "This switch will not affect anyone who access their email online through CableOne MyMail - other than surprising the heck out of them with the new format and features.

        "A one-hour workshop should be more than adequate.
       " I have scheduled the following two sessions at the Prescott library Founders Suite A & B:

Thursday 9/16 - 11 am to 12 pm
Thursday 9/16 - 1 pm to 2 pm

        Please note that the 9/18 workshop has been cancelled - that's the same day as our club picnic!

        "A prerequisite for attendance is that the attendees call in to CableOne technical support and request to be immediately switched to the new mail service 24 hours in advance of attending the workshop. They will not be able to access their email with Mac Mail until they have performed the required operations on their computer, and even then it may take up to 12 hours before CableOne's new Gmail service recognizes and honors the change. However, within two to three hours making the switch, they will be able to access their email online through CableOne MyMail.

        "For those who do not have a laptop, handouts will be available to take home.

        "This is not a difficult process despite the problems that CableOne technical support has had with others.

        "Please note that CableOne technical support is likely to tell their customers not to use Mac Mail to access the new email service. They claim that accessing the new email service with Mac Mail is unreliable. This is a false claim."

        John concludes, "What I strongly advise is that anyone with just one email account set up a new separate Gmail account as an alternate. Either account can feed incoming email to the other account. Either account can be set up to send email from Mac Mail."