Email Change for CableOne

        Here's a "heads up" from Jim Hamm for those who use CableOne for email.  He reports, " I found out that CableOne will be dropping their old e-mail system -- probably the one you're using now -- effective October 1.
        "I just happened to find out about it by going on the CableOne website, read about the new system, and changed over to their new system right on the website for my CableOne email address. This is much improved over CableOne's existing email system: more storage (7 GB) and a much improved system overall. CableOne is leasing servers from Google and using some of the Gmail system software for their new email system. The tech I talked to said this allowed CableOne to retire old equipment and programs.
        "After I changed to the new CableOne email system on the website, I opened the Mail app on my Mac and found that my CableOne email address would no longer work. I called CableOne tech support and yes, all the settings that you're presently using have changed: both incoming and outgoing servers. I made the changes and I'm back in business on my CableOne email account.
        "I think one goes about getting on the new system, first on CableOne's website, then next, open Mail on your Mac (or perhaps Outlook Express on a PC) and make the server, SSL, etc., and perhaps a new password (a longer length required) setting changes there.
        "Presumably CableOne will be sending out a letter or email to their customers explaining what is happening. Also, hopefully, they will include instructions on how to change the server and other settings for CableOne; otherwise their support techs are going to be awfully busy helping people with these settings."