Greeting Cards and Mailing Labels

        Time to figure out making/sending greeting cards and printing out labels for mailing.  John Carter speaks up, commenting on my question about labels, "A much better way, if you intend to print mail labels, is to use Avery Label's Design Pro for Mac (there's only one version, and Avery has discontinued support for the Mac as an application that you download - they now prefer that you use their free online service). Design Pro has a feature to merge contact information from Contacts and sort them."
      Bobbie Pastor offers this info, "I make the club's name tags with Design Pro.  That will be over when I get ML.  I have to do my business cards with Design Pro on line as well.  It Sucks!  I don't like it at all.  Downloading the program to your computer is so much better.  

        "Maybe, if you make cards and do a lot of that creative stuff, look into buying a program that can do all that.  Here's one I found."
      What started the conversation was my comment about ML  (Mountain Lion) Contacts which used to be called Address Book.  Printing out a list of names for a Christmas card list the ML no longer alphabetizes the list, but does alphabetize the labels that you print out.