Getting to Know Mountain Lion

        Want to find out more about Mountain Lion? The talk given by John Carter and Art Gorski at the September general meeting has been prepared as a PDF file for your edification.

        The file can be reached by going to the PMUG's website, hover on Benefits, and click "Tips 'N Tricks" in the menu that pops up. Then scroll down and look for "Getting to know Mountain Lion." Right click on the link to download the PDF file to your computer or just click on it to view in the browser. 
        John Carter says, "This isn't everything you need to know about Mountain Lion. There are some 200 new features in Mountain Lion. You can find out about all of them by doing a search in a browser (with Google, Yahoo, MSN, or whatever), but it will take some detective work and patience to get through them all."  (Sounds like fun!)